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Universal Basic Income With Scott Santens

Written by
Will Reynolds

Scott Santens is a writer and advocate for Universal Basic Income. He holds a degree in psychology, he’s the moderator of the Basic Income community on Reddit which has grown to over 30,000 people, and he’s recently created his own basic income on creator crowdfunding platform Patreon. Scott’s writing has been published on a range of publications from the Huffington Post to the Daily Dot, and has been translated into Chinese and Russian.  

Needless to say, the concept of Universal Basic Income has garnered a lot of interest in recent years, with Scott amongst the most prolific online commentators. The concept of an ‘asset based egalitarianism’ can be traced back to to the writing of British radical Thomas Paine in 1795, but it’s in the last 30-40 years that the term ‘basic income’ has begun to gain widespread currency.

More recent proponents of UBI include Yanis Varoufakis, a Greek economist and founder of the ‘Democracy In Europe 2025’ movement, dubbed a ‘rising star of the European Left'. In an interview with The Economist, Varoufakis said, “Today we are facing a serious danger of large masses of people who have low economic value. This is a powder keg in the foundations of society. Basic income is absolutely essential, but it is not part of the social democratic tradition."  

Show Notes

2:00 Where has your personal fascination in Universal Basic Income come from?

4:12 How do you describe Universal Basic Income, and what are the origins of the idea?

7:52 They say that UBI is neither left nor right, it’s forward. What does that mean, and do you consider UBI to be first and foremost a political question?   

11:30 How would UBI actually work?

16:12 What are some examples of experimental UBI projects, and what were the findings? 

22:40 What is the psychology behind why somebody wouldn’t use extra money simply for luxuries? 

25:25 How does our culture need to change to become amenable to UBI? 

29:49 How do you make the case for society being able to afford a UBI? 

32:35 How do you see your role in the UBI movement in the future? 

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